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Frequently asked questions

Do we cut children's hair with afro/extremely curly/textured hair?

Yes we do, we cover all children’s hair and you can pop us a message to book or book online, we recommend you book with Lauren if your child has either of the above types of hair as she has extra experience in this.

Do we shave children's hair all over?

Yes we do, the lowest clipper blade we will use would be a 1, we unfortunately won’t do no guard due to safety. We can do this from any age. This can be booked online as a child’s head shave for £15.

Should I wash my childs hair before an appointment?
The hair should be washed and brushed before your haircut because tangled hair adds time to your appointment. Morgan offers a detangling service that can be booked separately.
Where can I park?
The closest car park is Fentiman Way Car Park, RM11 1QX
Having trouble booking?
Please call the shop during opening hours or reach out on social media if you are having difficulty booking
What is a first haircut experiance?
A first cut experience is a hair cut including: a framed certificate, with a photo of your child and a lock of hair for £30.
How many boat chairs do we have?

We have 2 boat chairs which are suitable for ages 5 and under 8

Do we have iPads?
Yes we have iPads with Netfilx, Disney Plus and YouTube kids
Do we accept cash or card?
We only accept cash.
Do Wrigglers get any cancellations?
Yes we do get cancellations and all cancellations are added to our social media stories daily or you can call the shop during opening hours to check.
Are we appointment only?
Yes we are appointment only as we get extremely busy.
Can't see any appointments available?
Our stylist’s all work different days and hours, a particular stylist maybe fully booked or does not work that day.

If you having issues booking please call us or send us a message on social media.

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